A lot of people on YouTube and My Discord server ask me the same questions so decided to write up an FAQ. So here goes!

Why did you start hacking and Trolling Scammers and Telemarketers?

Because I got tired of receiving calls from them and a lot of people get scammed by them for a lot of money.

Why did you create a YouTube Channel with your exploits?

1.) To bring awareness of these scammers

2.) What I do is not cheap. In fact, I pay quiet a bit of $ for Servers and VoIP providers with what I do. This helps me get donations to keep the servers running! I don’t have enough subscribers to monetize yet and will be a while before that happens. Let alone, make enough $ on YouTube to keep the mission alive!

Is your code open source?

Yes. You can find it all at github.com/lynxgeeknyc – More people need to join in on shutting these scammers down!